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Your place to enjoy terrible sci-fi and horror movies and great food.  even monster fans need to eat which is why we’re here.  Serving up all the late night classic horror and Sci-fi films you love, and hate, along with extraordinary easy and affordable to prepare meals.

Each week we’ll be showing a different movie and serving a great meal. check out our concoctions page for a list of recipes, which will grow as eACH EPISODE AIRS. OUR dungeon store page for utensils, apparel, dvds, books and other interesting items for the culinary horror fan. the butcher’s block for interesting reviews of everything from toys, movies, conventions and all things interesting. 

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Stay tuned for more episodes, thank you for watching.

Welcome to psycho kitchen

The Demon Barber of Fleet street

Starring Tod Slaughter

and serving up delicious Mrs Lovettes’ meat pies.

this weeks feature

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